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CBD Candles

CBD comes from the hemp plant and typically contains small amounts of THC. Formally known as cannabidoil and was discovered in 1940. CBD isolate is a pure form or CBD is a pure form of CBD and contains no THC. We have our CBD tested in a third party lab to confirm our CBD has no THC. Our CBD candles are perfect for relaxation. Since CBD has no scent, we add lavendar and sage essential oils. Let our candles help "de-stress" you after a long day. The sage helps to clear you of negative energy. Our luxury coconut wax candles wax candles are non-toxic and the melted wax is perfect for massage.

After a hard workout don't forget a massage to help muscles and joints. A massage with warm coconut wax from our candles can lead to or help with a sexy evening (Please remember to consult with your physician if you are on medications).

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