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Pennysflame is the light within us. The light of empowerment for emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As a PanAm international flight attendant, I flew all over the world, embracing different cultures, customs and traditions. At the end of the day, we are all learning the importance of living comfortable, happy healthy lives. Pennysflame is a luxury caressing candle. The candles give you the whole experience of emotional wellbeing. This feeling starts the moment you smell our phthalate free fragrance oil to the pouring to the toxin free coconut wax onto your skin. The coconut wax moisturizes your skin. The candles are the essence of scent that keeps your spirit lit. Whether your using our candles to help relax, while reading a book, meditating or as part of a massage, make our candles part of your emotional and spiritual wellness program.

Pennys Flame Luxury Candles

Let us keep your spirit lit